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Get clarity, live your life with purpose..

In an effort to support women live more purposefully, EnlightenMYway coaching was created. It addresses the mind, body and soul to create deeper awareness as well as the mindset of an empowered woman. I believe that every woman can have the life she deserves. A life filled with love, joy and fulfilment... 

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I am a holistic life coach that works with you through an 'holistic' approach. Holistic life coaching approaches coaching differently to conventional coaching. Rather than just being goal-oriented I work with clients as a whole person; someone with a mind, body and spirit. I help them become more mindful and self-aware of who they are, where they want to go and finding underlying obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life.

Life's too short to be living unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you on getting to the right path for your life. Take a step in the right direction to begin the journey toward happiness, clarity and fulfilment.. I look forward to accompanying you in your journey towards yourself...

Maria Abdul Kader, 

Holistic Life Coach

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"Awareness of the mind, body and spirit is the key to living a purposeful life.."

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My Coaching Story

Maria Abdul Kader
Holistic Life Coach specialised in Woman's Wellness, Relationships, Life-Balance.

As a mother of three, a wife and a mortal woman I struggled many years with keeping that fine life-balance. I was gradually losing my self in the process of giving to others and meeting life's demands. I continuously gave whilst neglecting my own needs. As a result I became chronically stressed and developed various health issues. My relationships were also suffering. Worst of which was my relationship with myself. I felt disconnected with who I was, and lost purpose and meaning in life.

Throughout this darkness I kept searching for answers. I embarked on a steep growth journey. I kept digging until I was able to finally reconnect with myself, re-discover my purpose and where I want to be. I became a Holistic Life Coaching and now it is my life mission to help as many woman as possible to find their light out of the darkness.

Remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step..

It starts by choosing “you” this time.. 

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Stones of Meaning

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

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What Clients Are Saying

"Maria is very gentle in guiding you to search for the answers within yourself. My sessions with her have always been very enlightening, enriching and motivating." 

Hiba A.K.

"The coaching experience was eye-opening and encouraged me to analyse where I am in life... {it} opened a door to finding solutions and restoring my inner peace."

Sema A

'Maria was easy to talk to and I felt she was genuinely interested in helping me set new goals for myself"

Monique E

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Altona North, Victoria, Australia

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Noarlunga South Australia
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